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Industry Sectors

This grouping of products enables customers to access specific industry sector databases

  • Aerospace & Defense Industry
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    Aerospace & Defense Industry

    Rich's database of aerospace and defense companies and contacts, including Aerospace/Aircraft & Equipment, Aerospace R&D/Consulting, Air Training/Simulation Equipment, Aircraft Parts & Auxiliary Equipment, Ground Support Equipment, Missiles/Rockets and Spacecraft/Space Systems. See database statistics for more information.

    Companies: 1,760      Contacts: 9,109

  • Biotechnology Industry
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    Biotechnology Industry

    Database of biotechnology companies and contacts, including animal and plant biotechnology, biochemicals/biomaterials, bioinformatics, biotech R&D, genetic engineering, biotech consulting and services, lab services, instruments and equipment. See database statistics for more information.

    Companies: 12,452      Contacts: 84,184

  • Computer Hardware & Peripherals
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    Computer Hardware & Peripherals

    Database of hardware and peripherals companies and contacts. Includes manufacture and supply, backup and storage devices, scanners, computer R&D, computer supplies, assemblies, games hardware, input/output devices, keyboards, monitors, clean room design & installation, OCR, printers, voice recognition systems, graphics workstations, boards, controllers, networking equipment, power supplies and repair & maintenance. See database statistics for more information.

    Companies: 4,518      Contacts: 13,281

  • Energy Industry
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    Energy Industry

    This database includes companies and contacts in the energy industry, including: alternative energy systems, conservation and management systems, energy-related R&D, nuclear power systems and equipment, oil & gas field machinery and equipment, oil & gas recovery equipment and solar energy collectors systems. See database statistics for more information.

    Companies: 2,884      Contacts: 14,465

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
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    Pharmaceutical Industry

    A database of pharmaceutical companies, including drug companies, pharmaceutical packaging, R&D, pharmaceutical services and software. See database statistics for more information.

    Companies: 4,095      Contacts: 31,526

  • Software
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    A database of software industry companies. Includes application-specific, custom software development, data preparation & processing, internet-related, miscellaneous software-related, programming and software development services companies. Also includes software consulting and R&D, systems design & integration, CAD / CAM & visualization, games, multimedia, audio, video and prepackaged software development and software publication. See database statistic for more information.

    Companies: 19,417      Contacts: 72,040