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Case Studies

  • Steve Bliss Law

    I've been using the Rich's Directories for 10 years and can't say enough about them. I was looking for seminar clients when I first started using the guides, looking for companies that would hire me as a speaker. I still use Rich's today, but there was a period of four to five years when I was using the directories heavily for telemarketing purposes and during that period of time, Rich's easily brought me a half million dollars of business.

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  • Pinnacle Engineering

    Pinnacle Engineering & Design is a small, one-man consulting practice and you're looking at him! I specialize in engineering mechanical design work, mostly for corporations, and I bring in additional associates and assistants as needed. Most of my work involves product design development and automation design and all the work I do is individual contract work, so I have to personally contact each potential customer and pitch them on my services. By using Rich's High Tech Directories as a first step to identify and reach out to new customers, I've grown my business substantially over the years.

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