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How We Maintain Our Data

Rich’s Business Information has been providing premier prospect data to customers for almost 30 years. Our editorial research team uses state-of-the art (actually, ahead of the art) research methods to stay on top of constant changes in our target markets. Here are some simple facts to demonstrate why Rich’s is the best;

Monitoring; Rich’s is part of a larger organization that is one of the foremost technology companies involved in online media monitoring. As part of this, every company and contact in the Rich’s product base is monitoring DAILY for possible business events that may affect the accuracy of the data. We process 20,000 web documents every day from 15,000 web sources.

Constant Updating; We make over 1,000 changes to our database every day. This means on average 4% of the company records in our products are modified in some way DAILY.

We dedicate over 40,000 hours of proactive research per year to our data – that’s 15 minutes per subject, on average. We combine phone, Internet and automated research to ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date.

Our processing systems are fully integrated meaning our editorial team updates directly into the master products that our customers use. There’s no delay, there are no file movements, conversions of ‘uploads’. Our guys research it and you see it immediately.

As you can see from our website, we’re comfortable with technology. In fact, we think of Rich’s as a group of great people using great technology. That’s how our customers get the highest possible value, and keep coming back for more.