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Email Marketing - A Rich’s Guide

Rich’s now collects and verifies personal contact emails in many of the databases we offer. We are now able to offer hundreds of thousands of email addresses for reference to our customers.

Rich’s supports proper use of email addresses in unsolicited marketing. Every Rich’s customer is given access to detailed information regarding the CAN/SPAM Act and the regulations and guidelines around the use of emails for marketing. Every Rich’s customer also is required to sign our User Agreement that confirms their understanding and commitment to these guidelines.

There are a number of ways to make good use of emails in your sales and marketing. Subscribing to a Premium Access database on www.richsdata.com will give you access to thousands of contact email addresses that can be used as a follow-up to initial phone contact. Highly targeted personal emailing, based on a specific contact’s profile and an established relationship or perceived shared interest, can provide value to both parties. It is important in this instance to closely follow the guidelines of CAN/SPAM and ensure there is nothing misleading or unclear about the subject of your email.

Also, it is important to ensure you offer any recipient of your emails a clear and easy-to-use option to opt-out of receiving future emails from you. This provides the recipient with the comfort factor of knowing you are a genuine potential business partner, as well as adhering to FTC guidelines.
,br>Rich’s does everything it can to ensure the accuracy of the information it provides. If you have any feedback for us that can help us improve our service, please contact us.